215 x 305mm non seal bags

21.5 x 30.5cm or A4

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215 x 305mm non seal bags (x100) 215 x 305mm non seal bags (x100)
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215 x 305mm non seal bags (x1000) 215 x 305mm non seal bags (x1000)
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CLEAR CELLO BAGS: 215 x 305mm (non sealing). 

Our premium quality clear non seal bags are for those looking to sell, present, pack, store or display items, whether that’s fine art prints, photographs, greetings cards, cookies or precious collections (to name just a few of the hundreds of uses!).

We know the importance of what you're putting inside the bags and so we never compromise on quality. When you choose Pack It In, you'll receive superior quality bags that are loved by creators, creatives, galleries, photographers and businesses Australia-wide for over 14 years.

What problem they solve

  • You want awesome looking packaging that will help sell your product.
  • You want the perfect size because you know ill-fitting packaging will detract from your contents.
  • You want your contents to ''pop''.
  • You want to partner with a supplier that's rarely, if ever, out of stock of the size you need.
  • You need a bag that's so clear that it disappears and allows your contents to be the hero.


Why you'll love them

  • 40 micron polypropylene (our exclusive premium film) - the strongest and clearest bags you'll find anywhere in Australia!
  • Super lux, premium quality, crisp feel
  • Crystal clear
  • High clarity
  • Won't distort colour of the contents (especially important for fine art and photographs)
  • Acid free
  • Moisture resistant
  • Food safe
  • Heat sealable
  • Long shelf life
  • Posted flat (never ever folded or secured with elastic)
  • Recyclable with other soft plastics


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